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The MyVPSystem

The Tools and Training to Build Your VoicePoint Businesssubscribe myvpsystem

The MyVPSystem is an independent Online Marketing system that was created for YOU to have the business building tools essential in todays world to market and grow your Voicepoint business online once you become a VoicePoint Associate. It gives you an additional marketing site, in addition to your free company replicated website, to use for your business. It also gives you all the essential tools needed to create a successfulbusiness online. There is no re-inventing the wheel, no websites to design, just a simple professional turnkey business building system to help you be successful in the online marketplace with your exciting new VoicePoint Business.

Our System:

Anyone can learn this business regardless of education or experience. Our MyVPSystem is a simple turnkey system, just plug in and go!

The Tools & System For Your Success with VoicePoint

We provide you with an exclusive duplicatable and effective system and training, believing in giving you more than what is expected. Through visionary leadership we are building successful businesses to last with our amazing product line, revolutionary compensation plan, and our feature rich service, the first of its kind in the network marketing industry!

The MyVPSystem was created Exclusively for you and Your Team to help you get the most of your business -- it handles the marketing, the sifting and sorting of prospects, automatically follows up with your prospects for you, and helps your new members get training. All effortlessly, regardless of your experience.

Your Own Lead Capture - Squeeze Pages

The Lead Capture pages (click here to view in new window) are designed to capture your prospects attention and peak their interest to want to learn more about your VoicePoint Business. The pages request that your visitors to your site enter their information so they can view your full website and get more details on the VoicePoint Products and Opportunity. Use these pages for ALL of you online advertising so that you can effectively keep tabs on you business, get information on everyone who visited your site and filled out your form and follow up with them for you without missing a beat.

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
Effective and Proven Marketing Campaigns to build your VoicePoint Business. This includes your lead capture marketing pages, your automated follow up autoresponder system with powerful personalized emails from you to keep your business in your prospects mind without you having to remember to send a single email.

Your Own Team Marketing Website

Your MyVPSystem Marketing website is designed to give your prospect and customers all the information and details they need to learn more about our products and business opportunity, in a different format that your company website, to give them another prospective of all your award winning product and your lucrative opportunity, It explains the product, the opportunity, and the compensation plan for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Your MyVPSystem Member Area

When you become a Member of the MyVpSystem you'll receive your own private username and login to access training, advertising tips, manage your leads, change your personal profile, choose your lead capture pages and more to successfully build your VoicePoint Business.

Train New Members Effortlessly

Let the System Send the Training Emails and Group Correspondence to your new associates for you to make sure they never miss a beat. Training a new person has never been easier! 

Our Tools and System were created with your success in mind, to give you all the tools, techniques, training, marketing materials, and support that you want and need to build a successful business once you become an Associate with VoicePoint!

This Professional Marketing Site and System to build your VoicePoint Business is Free for your First Seven Days then just a low $4.95 a month thereafter. We have kept the price as low as possible so that everyone can use this great system if they choose. So you receive a Professional Full Blown Marketing System, Personalized Contact Email System, Member Area, Lead Capture/Squeeze Pages, Marketing Website, Training and Support for less than $5. a month! Your Personal Members Back office is available 24/7.

The second you become a an Associate with VoicePoint, you can get your myvpsystem set up and running in just a few minutes, and start building your business and your income immediately The system is an additional tool for you to make the best of your time and to help your new associates duplicate success all from day one.

subscribe myvpsystemYour Success with VoicePoint Is Just a Step Away.